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This section will cover all upcoming projects and future work plans. Also, tips and info on my workflow, how I learn, and what I am learning. There will be multiple links here that take you to my portfolio, testimonies and finished client work. This section will be very detailed and personal. I will also explain what I believe is the way to find the right work for you.


I’ll show my portfolio here. My trials, errors and more will be on display. I will freely tell everything I can about this line of work. Especially the experience of being self – taught. I can’t stress enough how I love to do this, the thing is well trying to do it. Trying to fit in time to study, build a portfolio, and market myself all in one day is demanding. Plus, I have to fit in family time my current job schedule, working out and chilling with family and friends. Don’t get me started on being in a relationship with all this going on as well. I have to give my girl enough attention and time.

Yeah, I don’t pay that many bills yet but I still juggle a lot of stuff. Going for this dream and career takes huge discipline and faith. I have to sacrifice a lot, and slave away to keep promises and happy clients but in the end it’s all worth it.

Personal Projects:

preview of my practice site.

  1.  The Start


preview of my flexbox site

2. Flexbox Better

Course Projects:

preview of



preview of basic bootstrap webpage

  1.  Bootstrap Basics


preview of google front page

  1. Fake Google


preview of simple blog page

  1. Simple Blog


Preview of the orbital webpage

5. Orbital Planet 


Preview of a box animation page

6. Animation


preview of car race site

  1. The Race


preview of a tip calculator

8. Calculation


I am a web developer at heart. I know for a fact I can create something amazing. My goal is to make the best site I possibly can to help you reach your goals, dreams and overall success. I will work with any budget, and I will give more than just one service. When you hire me you are paying for more than just one job. I am willing to help every step of the way with marketing and other tips.

Contact Me

If you are looking to get in touch for any reason. That’s great! I love getting email from my readers and potential clients.

If you have a question ask away, if you have a suggestion go ahead. I look forward to criticism. If I want to help and get better I need every bit of critiquing. If you are contacting me for service, then I am happy to work with you.

My contact form below will ask you to choose a “reason for contact”. Please choose the best reason for your message, this will allow me to easily identify what your message is about, and increase your chances of a fast, relevant response.

Thanks so much for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Find me on other platforms as well.

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Are you are ready to star? If so, pay the one time deposit as a starting fee. If you have any questions contact me in order to schedule work and discuss payment. This is a non-refundable payment.

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