GitHub Experience

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GitHub Experience

Presenting Practice

A while back I felt as if I should stay away from GitHub let alone the entire community. Mainly because I felt as if I was not at the community level (whatever that is). Me not understanding Git was a horrible excuse on top of that I didn’t know what to put in a repository. Finally, I felt like I couldn’t collab with anyone or gain awareness from my repo’s. I kept getting pushed to market myself and get placed in a position for opportunities. The thing is how could I?

I watched a lot of web development tutorials on all the latest technologies, I read blogs and insightful articles and soon ideas formed. It suddenly came to me…

value in you

With that being said I found out that I can market my skills and knowledge I have now. I can express myself and values in my designs and work. I can broadcast how I am getting better and how active am I in developing. The best part is that I can show off my mistakes, as well as a little personal insight. The thing is I am human, why should I only show perfect work and my great accomplishments. If I only gloat about what I can do and what I know than wh0 can relate to me? Who would trust me or even like me?

I want people to see the truth not just what I allow to be seen. The GitHub and every other platform I use is more than just presenting work and practice. It’s presenting everything, essentially presenting me.

Adventures of Git and the Hub

 I understand “forking” a repo, and I love the desktop app. It makes just about everything easier. I can send commits a lot easier by having Atom text editor hooked up to the app. I pretty much can sync up and handle everything from the app. Then I realized I can not escape the terminal. I freaking hate the terminal, I barely understand the commands. In fact, it took me forever just figure out how to direct myself into the documents folder.

In fact, I don’t even think direct is the right term for it. On the bright side, I don’t have to deal with the terminal too much. Unless I have to bang my head up against the wall just to remember how to start a server with python.  Or use Webpack server or deal with NPM’s JSON files and sass–watch crap but those things are for another post.

Now, back to GitHub, there may be a lot of stuff I have to learn with Git. But I love GitHub as a whole and its more than just a repo station, it’s a resource workspace. You can, of course, create reports and collaborate but the magic to me isn’t there. There is a GitHub account that holds links to all JavaScript books and blogs you should read. Now, to me, that’s the magic. GitHub houses plugins, tutorials, guides, package files, and other resources for just about everything.

GitHub is an adventure and well Git itself is a tough journey. I can’t wait to see what opportunities will come from being active on GitHub.

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