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One of the best moments of my life took place a while back. An interview that may very well set me on the path I wish to be on. The time was 10:03 AM when the call from Randy J. Mitchell http://randyjmitchell.com/ (yes that is his website go and check it out) came.

I guy anyone can look up too. He was featured on big names in the industry: TechCrunch, Huffington Post, BET, and VentureBeat. I could go on with his list of accomplishments but you get the point. The guy is an outstanding Software Engineer and Entrepreneur.

However, what seems to me as a huge list of accomplishments was perceived differently by Randy himself. When talking to him it seemed as if he was a cool guy who just enjoyed life and what he does. Also, those accomplishments only seemed like goals he foreseen completing. He did admit it took a lot of hard work and late nights as well as persistence. Also, that certain achievements were “beyond his wildest dreams”.

For him to acknowledge my hustle and work was enough for me. I pray I get the shot to work alongside him for I know it will have me set in this field. The point of this post was to point out the key takeaways from my very first interview. Besides the fact that we both looked into Iron Yard in Atlanta (Randy actually went I didn’t).


Check them out.

We both believe in hard work and taking the time out to speak to anyone above our level. The main thing that stuck with me was his final piece of advice.

“So at the skill level you are at now, what can you bring to the team?”

I sat and thought about the question hard. I honestly didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t even begin to say something clever enough. Anyway, my answer doesn’t matter at all. The gold lies in what his response to me was.

“I was looking for you to say that you would give me LOYALTY.”

That one powerful word I didn’t even think about. He goes on to give the best analogy for loyalty.

“Think about it if you plant a tree, water it, give it sunlight and watch over it. How would you feel if someone came and just took that tree and the fruit you raised up? You spent time and effort into that tree and the reward it would give you. Then just like that once the tree is done sprouting, it’s taken away from you.”

My mind was blown when he put it that way. I also received other advice but that “loyalty” one stood out the most. It is said to be the highest form of trust. It makes sense how loyalty and integrity go hand in hand. With loyalty, you can go a long way. So whatever happens next happens for a reason. Whether I get the spot or not, I know I have someone who can help me grow. I learned how the interview process goes. I’ve also learned to express your intentions truthfully and your loyalty. So my challenge to you is…. Think about your boss (if you have one), or a close friend.

What made your boss hire you? What made your friend consider you a best friend and close? Was it a sense of loyalty?

Interesting? then talk about it.


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