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One of the best moments of my life took place awhile back. An interview that may very well set me on the path I wish to be on. The time was 10:03AM when the call from Randy J. Mitchell http://randyjmitchell.com/ (yes that is his website go  and check it out) came.

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10 Questions You Must Ask a Developer

Category : Projects & Work

You Need to Know

Man working at starbucks. On laptop.

You have to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before hiring anyone. No matter the task or service, asking questions are essential. You just have to know the right questions to ask. So, if you are wondering, “who can I hire?” Look no further, I will break down how to come to a decision between Web Developers and an actual company. Here are the 10 questions you must ask.

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Back to Basics

Category : Happiness , Life


I believe everyone goes through the same stages in life. Those stages only come up when you are closing in on your dreams. The key words here are CLOSING IN. The closer you are the stronger resistance comes to clip your wings, than laugh as you fall on your face. Yes, it sucks to know that while you are doing good life will try to ruin everything but it’s true. There is a way to get around this though. Are you ready to find out how to win this constant game called “Life”.

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News Worthy

Category : Happiness , Life , Writing

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 6.29.52 PM

This will probably be the shortest post ever on this site. But I just had to say my day has been phenomenal. I am truly amazed that I was posted and displayed on Top ReactJS News check them out.. I enjoy everything on the site and I feel kinda famous being posted on there. I’ll keep working and sharing.

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Learning How to REACT

Category : Life , Technology

My Codepen React profile

Click to CodePen…

Came to a Conclusion

I ran into a little problem. I understood enough HTML to markup any page. I may not be a JavaScript master but simple interactions or behaviors aren’t a difficult task for me to make happen. Plus, jQuery and the documentation, tutorials, and resources built around that framework can get me up and running on anything. I’m getting craftier with CSS3, well I should say SASS. All these starting foundations are great. 

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GitHub Experience

Presenting Practice

A while back I felt as if I should stay away from GitHub let alone the entire community. Mainly because I felt as if I was not at the community level (whatever that is). Me not understanding Git was a horrible excuse on top of that I didn’t know what to put in a repository. Finally, I felt like I couldn’t collab with anyone or gain awareness from my repo’s. I kept getting pushed to market myself and get placed in a position for opportunities. The thing is how could I?

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Guts, Over Fear

Category : Happiness , Life

figure of man jumping over a boulder, with fear labeled on it.

Facing IT

I had this feeling I couldn’t shake for a while. This pill labeled “DT,” I just couldn’t swallow. The thing that worries me, even more, was that I wasn’t physically sick, maybe somewhat paralyzed but there was no need for the pill. The form of mental sickness that I had was created by me, and only can be fixed by me.  Doubt is a hard pill to swallow. It’s hard to realize that you have it and you need to take it for what it is.

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Category : Books

stack of books

What am I reading? What is a good book? All questions here and more will be answered in this section. I love to read and I just believe that, all the successful people spent time reading for a reason. Also, those same successful people create a book for a reason as well.

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Writing Description

Category : Writing

The writing category will consist of the struggles of writing, brainstorming, my writing jobs and ideas. I will share my opinions and views on writing as well as tips. I’m still learning and growing I encourage you to grow with me. There will be a lot of interesting things here. These post will either blow your mind, educate you or help you, maybe all of the above.

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Technology Description

Category : Technology

This maybe my favorite section of the site. I will post about technology news, my ideas, and anything you can possible think of will be here. I definitely will use this section to give updates on my work, portfolio, and learning process. Expect to see a lot of topics based on: Apps, phones, computers, software & programs, different levels of engineering, and development.

I know for a fact this section will be very informative and helpful. We can all learn a lot in this category of post.

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