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This will probably be the shortest post ever on this site. But I just had to say my day has been phenomenal. I am truly amazed that I was posted and displayed on Top ReactJS News. I enjoy everything on the site and I feel kinda famous being posted on there. I’ll keep working and sharing.

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What am I reading? What is a good book? All questions here and more will be answered in this section. I love to read and I just believe that, all the successful people spent time reading for a reason. Also, those same successful people create a book for a reason as well.

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Writing Description

Category : Writing

The writing category will consist of the struggles of writing, brainstorming, my writing jobs and ideas. I will share my opinions and views on writing as well as tips. I’m still learning and growing I encourage you to grow with me. There will be a lot of interesting things here. These post will either blow your mind, educate you or help you, maybe all of the above.


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