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Every Move (There is always something going on)

How can you not have an adventure? Well that’s easy half of the time I don’t feel like going. I realized three key things that I was missing. The three main reasons why you have to attend events. So, of course I will cover those reasons but first, I have to explain the page. Or maybe I don’t, maybe you can take an educated guess that this page will cover all the events I attend. All the lessons I have received, the good, the bad, the ugly yea all that stuff. Anyway, here are the three key things to take away from an event.


You get connections and often times good marketing help. There is an option to find where all the people who are interested in what you are interested in go and hangout. That’s like just being around hundreds of “YOU’s” in one area. Each you talks about, well obviously what “YOU ” are interested in. Also, the things “YOU” do and what “YOU” are working on and so much more conversations that are somewhat centered around “YOU”.

Are you getting my point? Well maybe not because why would you want to talk to just a whole bunch of twin you’s in a room. I mean unless you’re like Kanye than I don’t see why that would be appealing to you. Anyway the point is it’s a great way to build good, USEFUL relationships. The type of connection that is encouraging, and effective enough to bring huge opportunities. In short find a Meetup, Conference or Seminar and attend it.

Word of advice, don’t go in trying to plug away. Just be a conversationalist, and well socialize like normal. Everyone is pretty much like-minded anyway. It shouldn’t be hard to connect. The thing is I haven’t been to a Meetup yet myself so I have to start practicing what I am preaching here.


Its fun and work mixed in at the same time.  It’s really that simple… you shouldn’t waste your valuable time at all. If there is at least a hundred people in one event, there is no way you can’t spark an interaction with at least two people. If you don’t have any type of fun or opportunity later on to have fun with someone that’s your fault.


You get inspired and learn something. Normally, people go to events that are geared toward that person’s interest right? Cool, we already established that but if you go to the event and leave with nothing helpful. I am sorry that is also YOUR FAULT. There is no way you can tell me otherwise. Even if the whole event was centered around information you know already, there is still at least one person in there that can teach you something. Don’t make any excuse, if you are in the event talking and just chopping it up with anyone.

Then guess what someone is going to give you valuable information. Like I said going to any event is an win-win so why not go.

Oh, by the way I like Kanye West and what he is trying to do. The guy obviously is well… a genius in his own right. Just ignore his crazy moments.

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