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The Weird Hippy Site

At this point in the Ultimate Web Development course, I was really in love with bootstrap. I couldn’t to design and create a website out of it. The only thing about the upcoming project was that, it was weird but “good” weird. The hippy thing was unexpected and once you click on the file… you will see what I mean. The thing is that the content directed focus on other parts of the site. You cared more about the artwork, the design and how the page worked more than the content. It could just be me because I didn’t care about hippies at all.

In fact I don’t know if there are still hippies out there. I thought it was just a seventies thing. Anyway creating the site was fun and useful. I got a chance to see how to practically use bootstrap. Also, how to form the elements of a page by using the grid system that was offered and more.  So, as I said earlier this was a damn good course. The projects were practical to me and a great form of practice.


Remember to enjoy everything other than the content. Besides I think there is some lorem ipsum in there, in other words “gibberish”.


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