The Start

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The Start

preview of my practice site.

The Start

They say the first site you create from scratch is horrible…. I agree completely. This saying is coupled with any work of art and creation. I’m not afraid to show mistakes or errors or the start of something new, something great. Once, I had learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript what came next was obvious to me. I had to put in the work, practice and get better. This is my first practice site.


The goal here was to build my website from scratch. It was time-consuming, it was difficult and I had to work tirelessly to fix errors and find information. I had to make it better, I had to keep pushing and add one more feature. Even though I am still working on it, I have to post it here. It’s part of a start to a legacy and important piece to my portfolio. I want to get better, I love the challenge and the mistakes.

If I get discouraged and quit now, I wouldn’t be able to live right. However, the million dollar question is…. Will I ever think my work is good enough? I honestly hope the answer is no. So, I WON’T GET COMPLACENT and settle with mediocrity. So I encourage you to look at what I can do now. What do you think? Would you hire me?


Here it is. The first website I coded. It’s live you can play with it. The only problem is… that’s it it’s like a template. There is no full functionality. It looks okay on mobile devices, I struggled with Bootstraps grid system. In fact I want to get away from it and use media queries. The ultimate goal is to finish it and get it working fully. When that happens I will fully integrate it as my permanent URL and website. Give me feedback. Let me know my mistakes what to do to improve it.

I will later put up other work I have and client work. There is one thing I want to perfect that I didn’t realize would be so difficult, the responsiveness of the website. Most people are on a phone, in fact you are probably reading this on a phone. If you are I am sorry the practice site looks that bad. However, I am proud of it but it has to be fixed. In order to make it live it needs to incorporate AJAX and overall better responsiveness.

Well, I have some work to do. Until I display another project, enjoy the day and learn something.

Interesting? then talk about it.


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