The reason is simple really. I believe programming is more than just a skill, it is a way to provide solutions. It is a way to improve lives in numerous ways. Most importantly to me, it is an art or extraordinary creation. That creation can be used to empower, inspire, and change in multiple ways. I would love to play a major role in creating art in order to entertain or provide any other service.


I think we are alike in many ways. For instance, we don’t like to waste time on things we don’t care about, don’t understand, and is too much of a hassle. Why struggle with building a branding website that’s geared towards marketing and selling your services or products? I want you to have the perfectly designed site that wins you, customers or clients. You deserve a site that increases your business success, and status. Let’s face it reputation sells over and over again and a website is part of that brand reputation.



In this line of work, the results mean everything. I believe clients, businessmen, and businesswomen know that a website can make or break your venture. In fact, any marketing and selling done wrong can destroy all operations. Here you can see the testimonies, my growth and how much I as well as others, value my work. I always aim to improve and deliver better, high-quality work each time I step into a new project.

I push for the top of the line finished products that give you the results you are looking for while eliminating your hassle. Trust me if you want to stand out and have a high status in your market and business.
Check out the work below and invest in an innovative website.

Busby Maid Services

“Thank you so very much, you saved me a great deal, don’t know if you should be so gracious to your next customer because that’s great work. You will be the first on my priority to call if I need any further work done, and of course, I will send customers your way. Hope that’s sufficient. Thank you. I will keep in touch if I have; any issues, problems, or questions I will be calling you.”
– Detective Amanda Busby

At the time I was hunting for a start. An internship anywhere would do for me. I eventually stumbled overAirTight Design an Atlanta Web Development & Internet Consulting company. I was given the luxury of a tour with the owner. It was such a great experience and I was able to take in and learn so much. I came in looking for a spot in the company but left out with a few clients plus knowledge I needed. To me I got a better deal.

Detective Amandy Busby happened to be my 1st referred client from AirTight. I’ll let Amanda and Mr. Ward at AirTight take it from here.

“Hope you remember that I came into your office asking for assistance in developing my website. You recommended Darrell Washington Jr. Let me start by saying Mr. Washington was very professional and did a tremendous job on the site, he walked me through it like I didn’t have a clue, explained to me what I would be getting out of the website for my money’s worth, which is very unusual in this day and time. I’m very pleased to say he did an awesome job and I would recommend him to anyone. If you would like to take a look at what he did I will be happy give you administrative rights, and of course, let me know if there’s something he could have done that would have been a better approach.” 

– Detective Amanda Busby

I truly believe that this is a collaborative effort. Therefore as my client, you must be walked through each process and step. I know you hired me to handle all the technical stuff you don’t understand. I know you don’t have the time nor want to learn this stuff. That’s where I come in. To create a working site, quickly and effectively. Also, to ensure you can follow along and manage the site as well. 

I believe Mr. Ward recognized my potential, talent, and work ethic. Maybe the most important thing he noticed was how much I cared about the end users and my clients’ satisfaction. 
“Hey, Detective Busby. I’m so glad to hear that it worked out well with Darrell. He’s got a ton of talent for such a young guy. I know he’s going to go far in his career. Thanks for letting me know about your experience. I’ll continue to refer work to Darrell.” 

– Ward


Rally and Cry

“Great job young man you do nice work. Keep it up and I have no doubt you will be successful.”
– Jason R. Muhammad

This project signifies the importance of what I do. The right website, the right branding, and message can shape a nation and create a movement. I think this client for allowing me to be a big part of this possibly huge cultural shift. It was one hell of an experience designing and building the site from the ground up with Jason.

We often times took hours on end just brainstorming and putting the pieces together. This project pushed me to a level that I know will be beneficial to my future clients. My ability to communicate, innovate, and put forth ideas skyrocketed after the project. My skills in running a business in general developed and I took in a lot. I’m confident that Mr. Jason himself feels the same way.

Richard Allen Chase

“You did everything I asked for even though I know I couldn’t explain clearly. The fact that you worked with me until we both got on the same page made all the difference.”
– Jacqui Washington

I run into clients who are tech-savvy and know most terms and trends. They make demands or request features that may be way overboard. Instead of just saying no I give out a reason. Often times I ask up front,
“what is your objective and what is it that you want to show?”

That usually shifts the conversation into a business plan discussion. To be honest that’s what a website should be about, the business and what it can do for the business. Often times clients focus on how fun, cool, and interactive the website can be. No no no, let’s focus on what we really want.  Results!
The cool stuff can come later I promise. However, results are the name of the game.

Mrs. Jacqui my client was current on a lot of new features. She had such a great mind that poured out great ideas. It was amazing working with her. Every day brought a surprise but we often times got off track. Especially when trying to understand what she was asking for. The good news is that we both would redirect our focus on what the site needed instead of what we wanted on the site. When it was all said and done I delivered Mrs. Jacqui…


Global Position Servant


  • By paying attention to you and your brand’s “why”, mission, agenda or goal.
  • By providing great communication with you in order to provide your customers/clients with the
    knowledge your brand has to offer.
  • By providing FREE marketing/business resources and aid.


There is no need to worry about what happens next. I will gladly break down the hiring process and what you can expect. I can see why most people have fear of what service they are paying for.
This is serious business. So I will get rid of all assumptions. It’s a simple 4 step process.


Let Me Know

Let me know you want to hire me. Yes, step one is that simple.


Initial Questions

Fill out the client questionnaire before we continue all questions must be answered.


Start Planning

I will email you asking for additional information in order to gain a better understanding. We schedule a time to get in contact in order to plan/develop the entire process. Including due dates, guidelines and more.


Relax, I Got This

Once I receive the NON-REFUNDABLE initial payment of $350 I will get to work so sit back and relax with a cup of coffee or ice, cold lemonade. You will receive additional resources in order to review the work and see my progress. You can be at ease when you have multiple ways to periodically see my work allowing you to follow along as much as you need.




  • How much will all this cost? What are the pricing details?
  • The initial deposit of $350 dollars will be deducted from your overall price of the project. During the planning phase, I can give you a price range or estimate before I began to work. The initial deposit is non-refundable once I began to work on the project. If you decide this isn’t for you at the end of the planning phase you are eligible for a $300 dollar refund. I only keep $50 for my time.
  • Do you offer any other services? Maintenance? Hosting? Any service plans?
  • At the moment no I don’t have any service or maintenance plans. I will set up hosting for you and add the price to your total cost.
  • Do you charge extra for adding additional features?
  • If we began the developing phase and you request additional features, I will hold all suggestions and ideas until I am done with the initial project. We will review all possible add-ons and I will charge a price for each one accordingly if we agree that the features should be included.
  • Do you give estimated times for how long projects will take?
  • I honestly try to stay away from this. However, I understand why the timing of a project is important. There are so many variables that can affect time. I will try my best to provide a timeframe after the planning phase. Keep in mind as I work time may vary. I will work as diligently and fast as possible.
  • Do you walk your clients through the entire design/development process?
  • I usually do try to walk my clients through every step of the way especially if certain features are taking more time than expected. I believe communication is very important.
  • How can I edit or maintain my own site? How can I handle my hosting? What is hosting anyway?
  • If the site is down through WordPress I will try to teach you and layout steps to make small content changes on your own, completely free. If I don’t a CMS (WordPress) I can help you maintain your website. The good news with hosting is that you usually don’t have to keep up with it. It’s almost a set it and forget it thing. If any issues come up you will have access to your hosting and great customer service that will help you. If you wish for me to handle these possible issues I would gladly take a look free of charge.



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